Froguts Inc is a Bio-eLearning company focused on creating the most engaging virtual dissection, general science, life science, and lab software available. Our software modules and labs for K-12 and higher education engages students with immersive experiences into the world of science around all of us.

  • Froguts uses audio narration, captioned text, immersive environments, and interactivity to deliver key concepts within the theory and foundations of Science.
  • Each topic is presented in an approach that integrates inquiry as well as National Science and Technology Standards and where appropriate NGSS.
  • Students are assessed with randomized quizzes or tests, and are given a printable certificate when they complete each module.
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Froguts has reduced its pricing for all online services!

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Froguts has reduced its pricing for both the download and online School subscriptions! Schools can now subscribe to either service for $299 per year. Visit our web store to take advantage of the new pricing.

Did you know? 

18 states – including CA, NY, FL, IL, PA, NJ, VA, and MA -- have laws that require schools to provide virtual dissection alternatives for students?  Click to see all states.

Froguts Helps India Implement National Legislation

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Our Online Subscription Service Includes The Frog, Squid, Starfish, Cow Eye, Owl Pellet, Fetal Pig Modules and The Pea & Fruit Fly Genetics Labs.

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The Froguts Science Adventure Series is our new K-6 collection of fun and engaging educational lessons that promote a greater appreciation for the world around us. Each adventure introduces a specific topic and engages the learner with interactive challenges. Adventures include objectives, assessment and where appropriate NGSS alignment. Modules in this series will be first released as iOS and Android Apps and then later released as an online collection like our Dissection Series.
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Our Mobile Apps Are Now Available in The Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Stores! - Learn More

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Our new online service is now available! You can learn more by clicking here.
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Froguts is a proud supporter of The National Association of Biology Teachers.