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Froguts, a developer of Bio-eLearning software, is widely known for its computer simulations of dissections and labs for K-12 and Higher Education. Our software engages students with highly immersive and interactive simulations of anatomy and physiology. It uses audio narration, captioned text, and realistic 3-D, to deliver key concepts within the theory and foundations of Biology. Each topic is presented in a layered systems based approach that integrates inquiry as well as National Science and Technology Standards. Students are assessed after each level with randomized quizzes or tests, and are given a printable certificate when they complete each module. University studies indicate that simulated dissections like ours significantly enhance comprehension of the curriculum objectives when used in conjunction with traditional dissection. However our software was also designed to be effectively used as stand-alone program, in lieu of lab costs and set up time. In doing so, Froguts supports both approaches and empowers educators to engage even greater numbers of students with essential biological concepts.