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Hi, we're Richard Hill and David Hughes. We are high school best friends who teamed up later in life to start a company to pursue our passion for education. Froguts officially started , in the Spring of 2001 after Richard developed the first frog simulation for a graduate project. As Froguts grew in acclaim, it became apparent to us that we needed to establish a company in order to continue developing quality educational modules. We now enjoy creating eLearning software for life long learners whom are as enthusiastic about biology and the environment as we are.


Rick's daughter dissects a frog in class. A week after the dissection it was difficult for her to remember key concepts from the experience. Rick decided to create a better way to engage learners when presenting anatomy & physiology.
Rick's efforts evolve into a master's project within his instructional design program. The master's project results in a web site hosting Rick's initial simulation of a frog dissection. Lots of viewers praise the innovative approach and web traffic soars. Rick received the ChildNet award for his efforts!
David agreed to join Rick and work on optimizing the web site to handle all the traffic and help develop new simulations. Popularity of the web site and it's simulations continued to rise and web cost grew beyond Rick and David's ability to support. Froguts Inc. was created to mange cost and to allow Rick and David to develop future modules.
Froguts Inc. now continues to create dissection modules and virtual labs that immerse learners in an engaging and interactive environment. Rick & David are co-founders of Froguts and lead a small team in exciting development initiatives.