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Oct 2011 Issue. Product Review by Chris Monsour, Department Editor

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For Frogs, a Digital Detour
Software can help students bypass dissection duties

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One of our favorite reviewers is Avalon of Conserve It Forward: Digital Frog Dissections
Learn more about Avalon's efforts here:
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This is a wonderful subscriber submitted video by Kevin Poirier
7th Grade Science
Curtis Cornner Middle School
Wakefield, RI


“I teach a course called Advanced Chemistry/Biology, which is basically a project-based curriculum. I have quite an assortment of software tools available to me and I count Froguts as one of my most engaging and immersive. It is a powerful simulation that prepares students for actual dissections. And its virtual environment is engaging enough to teach organ recognition and their relationships to each

— Charles Murphy, Science, Math & Technology Teacher and Coordinator, Roosevelt High School, St. Louis, Missouri
“I was very pleased to finally find a simulation that can serve as either an alternate or companion to live dissection! Froguts is comprehensive, easy to follow, and the images are extremely clear. I have used this product with my inclusion classes as well as my GT classes — the directions are easy to read and understand and there is plenty of room for extensions and enrichment. This is a must-have for any Life Science or Biology class.”

— Hina Naseem, Science Team Leader, Technology Facilitator, Ellicott Mills Middle School, Howard County Public School System, Maryland