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The Froguts Science Adventure Series is a K-6 collection of fun and engaging educational lessons that promote a greater appreciation for the world around us. Each adventure introduces a specific topic and engages the learner with interactive challenges. Adventures include objectives, assessment and where appropriate NGSS alignment. Modules in this series will be first released as iOS and Android Apps and then later released as an online collection like our Dissection Series.

The Owl Pellet - Our first App in the Science Adventure Series!

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Go on an adventure to find your very own owl pellets to prepare, dissect, and reassemble. Make sure to keep an eye out for the other forest creatures you might encounter that are part of the owl’s habitat.

The Froguts Owl Pellet adventure is both an educational and whimsical journey to discover what owl pellets are, where they come from, and how to dissect them. The primary learning objectives are to - Teach How:
• habitats are comprised of many creatures.
• owl pellet formation occurs within owls.
• predators and prey interact with each other.
• skeletons are made of many bones, and that they have similar names across animals.
• skeletons are put together.
• food webs move energy up to the predators.
• herbivores, insectivores, carnivores, and omnivores feed.
• owl pellets are handled, prepared, and dissected.

- Includes Quiz

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas addressed: LS2.A, LS2.B, LS4.C, LS4.A, LS4.C, LS4.D

Get The Owl Pellet App in the App Store:



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The Main screen for the Owl Pellet App. Learners can go directly to a chapter, start the Intro, or review Objectives and take the Quiz.


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Froglet start his adventure to learn more about Owl Pellets.


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Professor tells Froglet how to make an Owl Pellet card.


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Learners direct Froglet on his adventure and solve puzzles along the way.


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Froglet learns about other forest animals.


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Another puzzle for Froglet to solve.


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Professor gives Froglet a choice about which Owl Pellet to dissect. Learners then perform a virtual pellet dissection and decide what animal the bones form.


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A user reconstructed skeleton. Now to determine which animal it is...hmmm.